How We Help

How can this church enhance my walk with God? How are you different from all the other churches I have visited?


Unlike many churches in our communities, The Living Gospel Church takes a holistic* approach to your life.  In other words, we are concerned about the TOTAL YOU--not just your relationship with God per se, but your relationship with your spouse, your children in the home, your employer in the work environment, and your other relationships with friends and family.  We are concerned that you do not relegate God to the four walls of a sanctuary.  Because we live and must function in a REAL WORLD, we give you REAL tactics on how to be all that you can be in God on EVERY front--church, home, work and wherever life takes you.

How is this accomplished?  We realize that Sunday Morning worship service cannot meet all the needs of an individual, especially those dealing with specific relationships in your life.  Therefore, in addition to our worship services and Bible classes, we have monthly sessions for women and men, where instructional "HOW TO's" are presented from the Word of God.  We give "life" instruction to the following groups:

         > Unmarried women are given instructions on how to keep themselves consecrated to God and, for those who desire a mate,  
            how to
prepare themselves for marriage.

         > Married women are given instructions on how to enhance their communication skills with their spouse as well as their
           parenting skills with their children, so home can be a happy place to live.

         > Children and teens are given weekly instructions in our Sunday Morning Bible class, where they learn the Word of God and,
           most importantly, how to apply its principles on the school campus and with their friends.  The youth are also given an
           opportunity to go forth in our monthly Youth Day services.

         > Brothers who are married are given Bible instructions on how to be role models in their home and in their relationships with
           their wife and children.  They are taught how to take their dutiful responsibility as head of household.  Single brothers are
           groomed to be responsible and productive citizens in the community and how to live an exemplary and committed Christian
           life as a single brother.  Brothers are also taught how to work on a job and be model employees.

In conclusion, I do hope you are encouraged to come visit our church here in Round Rock--to come and look us over.  You will find a church family where you are loved and treated warmly.  You will find a group of people who worship God in Spirit and in Truth, lifting up Christ in songs and testimonies.  You will find a group of people willing to share life's burdens with you and take them to God in prayer.  So please come--you are most welcome.  We hope to see you soon!

*holistic - relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than individual parts.